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What is a Commercial Real Estate Loans?

Commercial real estate is any kind of property that you use for business purposes. The term could refer to a brick and mortar store, shopping mall, office space, or manufacturing facility. Land or mixed-use properties like apartment buildings are also commercial real estate. 

If you have plans to purchase new or existing commercial properties, or to renovate commercial space, you can take out commercial real estate loans to help finance the project. The property itself serves as the collateral for the loan.

$50K - $5M

Maximum Loan Amount

1 - 5 years

Loan Term

Starting at 6.75%

Interest Rates

As fast as 3 weeks


Things to consider


  • Lowest down payments
  • Longest payment terms
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Suitable for a wide range of business purposes


  • Lengthy Paperwork
  • Longer approval times
  • Requires collateral

Most customers who were approved had

Annual Revenue

Over $350K

Credit Score


Time in Business

Over 1 years

Compared to other loan types 

Loan TypesMax AmountInterest RateSpeed
SBA Loan$5K - $5MStarting at 6.75%As fast as 3 weeks

Commercial Lending$25K to $5M7% - 30%As fast as 2 days
Invoice FinancingUp to 100% of
invoice value
8% - 30%As little as 1 day
Line of Credit$10K to over $1M7% - 25%As little as 1 day

Merchant Cash Advance$2.5K - $500K1.14 - 1.49As little as 1 day
Business Credit Card$500 - $250K0% - 25%As fast as 7 days